Monday, April 18, 2016


When someone was mad at me and yelled at me, I stayed quiet and let them talk. I didn't want to interrupt or yell back, I simply just wanted to stay quiet and let the person talk; which I did. I knew that if I spoke or even said one word the person would've let me talk anyway, and there would be a lot more arguing and yelling, which, I didn't want. I let the person explain themselves and then after I told them how I felt about the situation. Yelling and arguing wasn't necessary and when I tried to explain that, they just kept yelling, and because the person wouldn't listen to me, I decided to argue and scream back. I regret doing that because it just led to more and more screaming and drama. If I stayed quiet, the conversation would've ended quicker, and that's what I wanted because I hate having arguments and I cant handle them well.