Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 7

I listen to a lot of different types of music so its kind of difficult to choose only three songs. But theres one song that in my opinion is really catchy and I can listen to it all day. The song is called Somebody Else by The 1975.

This other song is one that means a lot to me and that I can also listen to all day. The song is called Truce by Twenty One Pilots. The song has a lot of really meaningful lyrics like, "stay alive", "you will die, but know your life is free, take pride in what is sure to die." Its a very short song but it means a lot to me.

This last song is one that always gets me in a good mood and makes me wanna just jump everywhere. The song is "This Aint a Scene it's an Arms Race" by Fall Out Boy. Okay but Patrick's 2007 sideburns, Joe's 2007 puffy hair, Andy's 2007 long hair, and Petes 2007 guyliner though.

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